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May 01, 2005



The worst thing about blogging can be... a lack of feedback. Singing in the shower maybe be a comfort but
singing on the Internet deserves some applause.

The list of CEO bloggers is rather short and the list of good CEO bloggers is really short. You stand a very good chance of getting more attention for blogging than for the actual product. The press loves to write about blogging... Let your PR firm know that you're blogging (assuming you're ready for PR) or just let the PR bloggers like MicroPersuasions know your blogging and you'll get FREE PR.

Your writing voice is good... It matches the voice I remember from my time at Sun (1991-2003). You always had a level of candor n your answers that we're a cut above an Exec with your responsibilities. "Nothing sells like sincerity." I believe that customers respect candor and a great blog is decidedly candid.

Good luck with your start-up and good luck with your

I'd give some copies of the software away to apache so they can police big companies that "steal" their IP and try to hide the fact. That's a pro bono contribution that might get you back some real valuable "beta" input. It also helps of course give the marketing and leagl teams at the big companies to make IP audits a part of their QA processes... You're getting ready to buy a hot start-up software package. Should you audit their code for potential misuse of
GPL or OSS licenses first? Otherwise, just what rights
have you actually purchased... maybe you purchased liabilities rather than assets. Ouch.


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